Merrick Garland says it would be ‘absurd’ for an attorney general to edit special counsel report

Merrick Garland says it would be ‘absurd’ for an attorney general to edit special counsel report - Politics - News

Attorney General Garland Emphasizes Importance of Unedited Special Counsel Reports

During a press conference at the Justice Department on Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland reiterated that it would be unreasonable for someone in his position to edit or redact a special counsel’s final report. This statement came in response to the ongoing discussions regarding former Special Counsel Robert Hur’s portrayal of President Joe Biden in his investigation report.

Question about Inappropriateness:
A journalist asked Attorney General Garland if they found any inappropriateness in Hur’s characterization of President Biden as a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory’ in the final report. To this question, Garland emphatically stated that it was his duty to release a complete and unedited special counsel report.

Absurdity of Editing:
Garland went on to explain that the notion of an Attorney General editing or redacting a special counsel’s explanation for arriving at their conclusions was absurd. He stressed that the integrity and transparency of the investigation process demanded an unedited report.

Controversy Surrounding Hur’s Report:
Despite no challenges to the facts of Hur’s investigation or process, there has been criticism from Biden supporters regarding his characterization of the President. They argue that Hur went too far by publicly questioning the President’s memory or selectively presenting deposition excerpts.

No Charges Recommended:
Hur did not recommend any charges against President Biden, but the report generated significant controversy among Democrats, with many expressing concerns over Hur’s description.

The importance of unedited reports in maintaining public trust and the rule of law is a crucial aspect that Attorney General Garland emphasized during this news conference. The transparency provided by an unedited report ensures accountability and fosters confidence in the special counsel investigation process.