Robert Downey Jr. responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about him at the Oscars

Robert Downey Jr. responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about him at the Oscars - World - News

Robert Downey Jr.’s Unbothered Response to Jimmy Kimmel’s Joke About His Past at the Oscars: A Testament to their Friendship and Overcoming Addiction

Robert Downey Jr., the esteemed actor who recently triumphed at the Oscars for his exceptional portrayal in “Oppenheimer,” handled Jimmy Kimmel’s jibe about his past drug use during this year’s ceremony with grace and humor.

As the emcee for the evening, Kimmel couldn’t resist making a light-hearted comment when he announced Downey Jr.’s win. He mentioned that Downey Jr. was now “at one of the highest points” in his career, eliciting a casual response from the actor.

Downey Jr., acknowledging Kimmel’s good-natured ribbing, signaled for him to move on by pointing to his nose. In a recent interview with Esquire, he expressed that he wasn’t bothered by the comment and held Kimmel in high regard.

“I don’t care,” Downey Jr. shared with Esquire. “I love Jimmy Kimmel. I think he’s a national treasure.”

Downey Jr.’s candidness about his past battles with addiction is well-documented. During the same interview, his wife Susan Downey also spoke to Esquire regarding their successful 18-year marriage and how they’ve navigated challenges together.

“Everybody loves the simple narrative of somehow I came in and turned his life around and blah, blah, blah,” Susan Downey stated. “But I can tell you that I would never be who I am without him in my life. His trajectory is just the easier one to chart because he’s had to live his ups and downs in public. When we met, we were fortunate that he was in a place where he was open to do things differently than he had historically.”

The couple, who are executive producers of the upcoming seven-episode HBO series “The Sympathizer,” in which Downey Jr. stars as well, showcases their strong bond both on and off-screen. The highly anticipated show premieres on April 14. It is important to note that HBO and News Finder share a parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Despite the past connection between their networks, this collaboration between Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and HBO serves as a reminder of their individual talents and the power of second chances.