Florida woman who stole Ashley Biden’s diary in 2020 sentenced to one month in jail

Florida woman who stole Ashley Biden’s diary in 2020 sentenced to one month in jail - Crime and Courts - News

Florida Woman Sentenced for Stealing and Selling President Joe Biden’s Daughter’s Diary

A Florida woman, Aimee Harris, 41, was recently sentenced to one month in prison and three years of probation for the unlawful act of stealing personal belongings from the former residence of President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, and selling some of those items to the investigative journalism organization, Project Veritas.

The sentencing took place in a Manhattan courtroom on an unspecified date in front of the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, as per Nicholas Biase, a spokesperson for the office.

Shortly after Ashley Biden moved out of her Delray Beach, Florida, home in 2020, Harris, then a resident at the same address, discovered and stole several personal belongings. Among them was a diary that belonged to the President’s daughter.

Seeking Monetary Gain:
With the intention of selling these stolen items for profit, Harris enlisted the help of Robert Kurlander to sell Biden’s valuables to the highest bidder. Their plan was to offer the items for sale at a Donald Trump fundraiser they both attended on September 6, 2020. They hoped to arrange a sale to the Trump campaign during that event.

Further Exchanges and Transactions:
Following the fundraiser, Harris and Kurlander shared photos of some of Biden’s belongings with Project Veritas. In response, the organization paid for their travel expenses (airfare, hotel, and a car service) to transport the stolen property from Florida to New York City.

Additional Items:
After their meeting in New York with Project Veritas, Harris acquired more of Biden’s belongings from the house, as requested by the organization. A Project Veritas employee subsequently traveled to Florida and retrieved these additional items before shipping them back to New York.

Acceptance of Responsibility:
In August 2022, Harris acknowledged her actions and expressed a desire to move forward with her life. Her attorney, Sanford Talkin, informed News Finder that she had accepted responsibility for what had transpired.

It is important to note that selling stolen property and engaging in unlawful activities are serious offenses, with potential consequences including criminal charges and legal repercussions. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting personal property and upholding ethical behavior.