Philly LGBT Affairs executive director yells, ‘I work for the mayor,’ as she films her and her husband’s arrest

Philly LGBT Affairs executive director yells, ‘I work for the mayor,’ as she films her and her husband’s arrest - Crime and Courts - News

Arrest of Philadelphia’s Head of LGBT Affairs and Her Husband: A “Very Concerning” Interaction as Perceived by the Mayor

A troubling incident occurred on the Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia when the executive director of the City’s Office of LGBT Affairs, Celena Morrison, and her husband, Darius McLean, were arrested by a state trooper on Saturday. This arrest was confirmed by the police department and was reportedly captured on Website video integration which has since circulated on Website social media integration.

Morrison’s Perspective: A Possible Case of Discrimination?

In the Website video integration, Morrison can be heard repeatedly stating, “that is my husband,” as McLean is being detained on the ground. She also declares, “I work for the mayor.” McLean can be heard responding to the trooper’s actions with the statement, “It’s cause I’m Black.” The officer in question responds, “It’s not cause you’re Black.”

The Police Report: Multiple Violations and Resisting Arrest

According to the police report obtained by CNN, the two individuals were both resisting arrest at the time of the traffic stop. The incident was initiated when the trooper stopped the driver of a grey Infiniti sedan due to multiple Vehicle Code violations, including expired/suspended registration and following too closely. A green Dodge sedan then pulled up and parked behind the trooper’s vehicle.

A Combative Encounter: Interference from Morrison

The person driving the Dodge became verbally combative when approached by the trooper, and both individuals were subsequently arrested for Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of Justice, Disorderedly Conduct, and other related charges. Morrison’s name and McLean’s name do not appear in the police report.

The Fallout: The Video’s Removal from Facebook

Morrison’s sister, LaTasha Morrison Sinclair, posted the arrest Website video integration on Facebook. The Website video integration has since been removed from the platform. It is unclear whether Facebook or Sinclair was responsible for its removal.

The Trooper’s Identity: State Police’s Refusal to Release Information

State police have not released the name of the officer involved in the arrest at this time. CNN reached out to Facebook and the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

Mayor’s Response: “Very Concerning”

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker described the interaction as “very concerning.” She stated that Morrison, who works in her administration, was a passenger in the vehicle stopped by the trooper.

Ongoing Investigation

An investigation is still underway, with the Pennsylvania State Police stating that several misdemeanor and summary charges were filed but initially declined by the Philadelphia DA Office pending a further review of the incident. No charges have been filed as a result of the incident at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.

The Impact: A Call for Witnesses

The District Attorney’s Office encourages members of the public with truthful information about the incident on the Vine Street Expressway on Saturday to contact their Special Investigations Unit at or 215-686-9608.

The Mayor’s Appeal for Patience and Space

Joe Grace, the communications director for the mayor’s office, urged the public to give Morrison and her family some time and space during this challenging situation.