Scarlett Johansson plays Sen. Katie Britt in a satire of her SOTU rebuttal on ‘SNL’

Scarlett Johansson plays Sen. Katie Britt in a satire of her SOTU rebuttal on ‘SNL’ - Entertainment - News

“Saturday Night Live’s Take on the State of the Union with Surprise Guest Scarlett Johansson”

Saturday Night Live (SNL) kicked off this weekend with a satirical take on the State of the Union address. The show featured a surprise guest appearance by none other than Scarlett Johansson, who played the role of Alabama Sen. Katie Britt in her much-anticipated GOP response to President Joe Biden’s official address on Thursday, 2 February 2023.

Scarlett Johansson’s Cameo:
Johansson, who is married to SNL writer Colin Jost, made a memorable appearance during the cold open. Dressed as Sen. Britt, Johansson delivered her fiery rebuttal from the comfort of her kitchen. With a raised hand, she criticized President Biden’s “performance-oriented” style while denying any such inclination on her part.

Playing the Character:
The skit ended with a clever spoof of Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning racial satire “Get Out” (2017). Johansson, as Sen. Britt, took a sip from a teacup, causing Kenan Thompson (playing an unsuspecting onlooker) to freeze with a tear rolling down his face.

Mikey Day’s Biden:
Before Johansson’s entrance, Mikey Day returned to reprise his role as President Biden at the podium. He delivered a series of amusing quips during his address, joking about Vice President Kamala Harris (played by Punkie Johnson) and her workout routine.

Michael Longfellow as Speaker of the House:
Michael Longfellow portrayed the role of Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. In this performance, Day-as-Biden observed Johnson’s (Longfellow) disapproval every time Biden mentioned his “predecessor,” likening it to accidentally catching a few seconds of the show ‘Euphoria.’

Host and Musical Guest:
The episode was hosted by “Dune: Part Two” star Josh Brolin, who took a daring plunge into an actual ice bath for his cold monologue. The show featured musical guest Ariana Grande.

Saturday Night Live’s take on the State of the Union address was a hilarious and entertaining way to engage with current political events. Johansson’s unexpected cameo as Alabama Sen. Katie Britt added an extra layer of excitement, making for a memorable and entertaining episode.