Scarlett Johansson plays Sen. Katie Britt in a satire of her SOTU rebuttal on ‘SNL’

Scarlett Johansson plays Sen. Katie Britt in a satire of her SOTU rebuttal on ‘SNL’ - Politics - News

A Hilarious Take on Politics: Scarlett Johansson’s Surprise Appearance in SNL’s State of the Union Parody

Saturday Night Live (SNL) kicked off this week with a brilliantly crafted parody of the State of the Union address, featuring a special surprise guest. The political satire opened with Scarlett Johansson gracing our screens as Alabama Senator Katie Britt, delivering her much-anticipated GOP response to President Joe Biden’s address.

Scarlett Johansson, fondly known as Mrs. Colin Jost in real life, made a memorable cameo appearance during the cold open of SNL. Dressed impeccably as Senator Britt, she raised one hand in a powerful gesture while delivering her scathing rebuttal from the comfort of her kitchen. Johansson’s portrayal of Britt highlighted Biden’s “performative” qualities, all while fervently denying any such performance on her part.

Addressing the audience, Johansson asserted, “You see, I’m not just a mother. I’m a wife, a mother, and the craziest b—h in the Target parking lot.” The skit concluded with an unexpected twist when Johansson took out a teacup and stirred it, causing Kenan Thompson to freeze in place with a tear rolling down his face – an ingenious spoof of Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning racial satire “Get Out.”

Before Johansson’s entrance, SNL brought back Mikey Day to portray Biden at the podium for his address. Throughout his speech, he shared lighthearted moments with Punkie Johnson, who brilliantly portrayed Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden jokingly commented that he hoped she “didn’t skip leg day,” as she repeatedly sat and stood throughout his address.

Michael Longfellow masterfully brought Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to life during Biden’s speech, with Day-as-Biden observing that Longfellow’s portrayal shook his head every time Biden mentioned his “predecessor,” a humorous nod to the current political climate.

SNL’s episode was hosted by the highly-anticipated Josh Brolin, who made headlines for taking an actual ice bath during his monologue as part of a promotional stunt for “Dune: Part Two.” Ariana Grande graced the stage as musical guest, adding to an already entertaining evening.

The SNL team continues to deliver insightful commentary on the latest political happenings with their unique blend of humor and satire, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting what they’ll bring to the table next.