PAC that pays Trump’s legal bills gets priority over donations to RNC at upcoming high-dollar fundraiser

PAC that pays Trump’s legal bills gets priority over donations to RNC at upcoming high-dollar fundraiser - Politics - News

Donald Trump’s Joint Fundraising Agreement: How Donor Money Flows to His Campaign, Legal PAC, and the RNC

In a joint fundraising agreement between Donald Trump’s campaign committee, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and state parties, donors’ contributions follow a specific disbursement route. An exclusive invitation to an upcoming high-dollar event in Palm Beach, Florida, reveals this sequence of donations.

The Donation Process

When individuals make a contribution to the Trump 47 Committee, their funds initially go toward Donald Trump’s campaign committee. The maximum amount an individual can donate for both the primary and general campaign is $6,600.

Save America PAC: Trump’s Legal Expenses

Following the initial disbursement to the campaign committee, the next $5,000 from each donor’s contribution is directed to Save America, Trump’s leadership PAC. This PAC has played a significant role in covering the former president’s legal bills for himself and his allies, as well as other expenses.

The RNC’s Share

After the campaign committee and Save America receive their respective shares, the remaining funds are directed to the RNC. In the case of the April 6 “Inaugural Leadership Dinner,”the RNC is set to receive $413,000 from each donor’s contribution.

Background: Trump’s Legal Expenses and Fundraising

Trump’s campaign spokesman Steven Cheung has defended the fundraising arrangement, stating that a mere fraction of individual donors’ maximum contribution benefits Save America. He also mentioned that the PAC covers expenses unrelated to Trump’s legal issues, which he refers to as “illegal witch-hunts.”

Between January 1, 2021, and February 28, 2022, Save America has spent over $72.5 million on legal expenses alone, according to federal election records.

February 2022: An Expensive Month for Legal Costs

In February alone, Save America allocated nearly $5.6 million to cover legal expenses, primarily associated with Trump and his allies’ cases. With trial dates approaching, these expenses are expected to continue growing.

Donald Trump’s Legal Challenges

Trump currently faces 88 criminal charges across four indictments and a $500 million civil fraud judgment in New York, adding to his mounting legal expenses.

Maximum Contribution and Perks

The maximum an individual can contribute to the Trump 47 Committee is $814,600 per person, which is also the top ticket price for the April dinner. Benefits at this level include dining at Trump’s table as indicated in the invitation.

Trump’s Post-Presidency Status and Fundraising

Despite being the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump is still able to raise funds designated for the primary until he is officially nominated at his party’s convention.