Opinion: What world is Jared Kushner living in?

Opinion: What world is Jared Kushner living in? - International News - News

Jared Kushner’s Perplexing Perspective on Gaza’s Valuable Waterfront Property and Peace in the Middle East

The recent comments made by Jared Kushner regarding the valuable real estate potential of Gaza’s waterfront have drawn comparisons to Marie Antoinette’s infamous statement, “Let them eat cake.” These remarks were made at a Harvard event in February, a time when over half the buildings in Gaza had been destroyed and the UN was warning of an impending famine in northern Gaza.

At this same event, Kushner also suggested relocating over one million refugees sheltering in Rafah, Egypt or the Negev desert in Israel to shield them from potential Israeli attacks. However, such notions are unrealistic as Egypt is unlikely to accept large numbers of Palestinian refugees, and Israel has no intentions of accommodating them.

The October 7th attacks by Hamas on Israel were inexcusable, and Israel had every right to defend itself. However, the frustration and anger among Palestinians have been brewing for years. Kushner, as the self-appointed Middle East peace czar during the Trump administration, contributed to this tension through various policies that further complicated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The pace of new West Bank settlements built by Israel increased during Kushner’s tenure, leading to criticism and violations of decades-old US policies on the issue. Additionally, moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was another controversial decision that further complicated peace efforts in the region.

Kushner’s “Abraham Accords” aimed to bring peace to the Middle East by having some Arab states recognize Israel and invest in Gaza and the West Bank, creating conditions for a two-state solution. However, these accords failed to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Despite Kushner’s belief that he was instrumental in significant diplomatic breakthroughs, his actions during the Trump administration have led to more tension and instability in the region rather than peace. Kushner’s perspective on Gaza’s waterfront property, as well as his role in Middle Eastern diplomacy, raises questions about his understanding of the complexities and nuances of the region.