5 things to know for March 21: Gaza, Campaign cash, Royal family, Interest rates, Microchips

5 things to know for March 21: Gaza, Campaign cash, Royal family, Interest rates, Microchips - International News - News

Essential News Updates: Ceasefire Negotiations, Royal Retouching Controversy, Stocks at All-Time Highs, and More

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Ceasefire Negotiations “Getting Closer”: US and Hamas

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported that ceasefire negotiations with Hamas are progressing towards a deal. The key points under discussion include the exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners, with Hamas demanding the release of 700 to 1,000 detainees. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described Hamas’ proposals as “ridiculous” and “unrealistic.” The primary hindrance to an agreement may be the Hamas insistence on a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza after the initial exchange. Israel’s leaders, though, remain resolute in planning a ground offensive in Rafah, with over 1 million Palestinians seeking refuge there.

Trump Campaign Finances: Donations and Legal Expenses

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign saw a surge in donations during February, amassing $20.3 million. However, the campaign trail behind President Joe Biden’s team’s impressive fundraising pace remains significant, with $41.9 million in combined cash on hand as of March 2023. The Trump leadership PAC also experienced increased legal expenses in February, which surpassed its income.

Photo Alterations: Another Controversy for Kate, Princess of Wales

Getty Images has revealed that a photo released by Kensington Palace last year, featuring Queen Elizabeth and her family, underwent digital manipulation. The inconsistencies found in the image have put Princess Kate at the center of another controversy. While she apologized earlier for editing an Mother’s Day photo, she did not explain why or disclose any alterations made to the photographs.

Stocks at All-Time Highs: Fed Rate Decision and Economic Forecast

The Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rate steady for the fifth consecutive meeting, with Chair Jerome Powell expressing his belief that rates should not be trimmed yet. The aggressive rate hikes over the past two years have helped curb inflation but have come at a cost for many Americans. Balancing the risk of cutting too soon versus too late remains a challenge, with potential consequences either way. Despite inflation staying above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, officials still anticipate three rate cuts this year.

Biden Announces $8.5 Billion Federal Investment in US Chip Manufacturing

President Biden announced a significant federal investment of $8.5 billion to tech giant Intel as part of the CHIPS Act, which aims to address America’s reliance on Asia for chip production and rectify a “national security problem.” Once a leading player in the industry, the US currently manufactures only about 10% of global chip supply and none of the advanced chips needed for ai technologies.

Government Funding Package: $1.2 Trillion

Lawmakers have unveiled a $1.2 trillion government funding package, which sets the stage for a high-stakes sprint to pass the legislation before the end of the week when a shutdown deadline is in effect. It remains uncertain if Congress can pass the bill on time, raising concerns about potential short-term government funding lapse over the weekend.

Reddit Goes Public: Social Media IPO

Reddit, a social media platform, is going public after years of delay. Learn why this significant milestone matters and what it might mean for investors.

Lottery Jackpots: Mega Millions and Powerball

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot now stands at $977 million, while the grand prize for the next Powerball drawing is an estimated $750 million.

India: Hiker’s Dream Destination

Explore some of the most epic hiking trails in India.

Shohei Ohtani’s Interpreter: Fired Amidst “Massive Theft” Accusations

Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani’s longtime interpreter has been dismissed following allegations of “massive theft.”

“Little Rascals”: Bank Robbery Suspects, Including an 11-Year-Old

A group of suspected bank robbers known as the “little rascals” is now in custody. One member, who is only 11 years old, is among those arrested.

Migration: US Border Encounters and Economic Impact

Approximately 2.5 million migrant encounters occurred at the US-Mexico border last year, according to Department of Homeland Security estimates. Despite the ongoing border crisis, a new report indicates that migrants are contributing significantly to the US economy by increasing the labor pool and potentially adding $7 trillion in growth over the next decade.

Demographic Shift: Smaller Families Preferred Worldwide

A new study reveals that women around the world are preferring smaller families, leading to a global fertility rate decline and significant demographic shifts. The average number of children born to a woman during her lifetime is expected to plummet by the end of the century.

Environment: Properly Disposing Old Phones

Many old phones are discarded improperly, posing a threat to the environment and human health. Consider these steps before getting rid of your outdated phone.