Opinion: What Biden needs to know about Gaza

Opinion: What Biden needs to know about Gaza - International News - News

Surviving the Apocalyptic Reality of Gaza: A Personal Account of Displacement and Hope

The holy month of Ramadan marks two and a half arduous months that I have been living as a refugee in the city of Rafah, Gaza Strip. Forced to leave my home in October due to relentless Israeli bombings, I sought safety only to discover that even Rafah, with its one and a half million inhabitants, is not immune to the horrors of war. As we grapple with the fear of imminent invasion and potential expulsion from Gaza, our lives are filled with perpetual anxiety and uncertainty.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Rafah:
Rafah, an area spanning merely 25 square miles, faces an apocalyptic humanitarian crisis. Displaced people, some of whom have been forced to flee multiple times, fill the streets and set up tents where they now reside. The UN has reported that Rafah is now more densely populated than New York City. In this overcrowded space, we live in fear and endure severe deprivation due to Israel’s obstruction of essential food, water, and humanitarian aid for the past five months.

The Reality of Life in a Warzone:
We were led to believe that Rafah was a safe haven, but the Israeli military continues to target and kill us here. The human toll of this conflict is staggering; more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, including over 13,000 children and 9,000 women. Thousands more are missing under the rubble, presumed dead. Over 70,000 others have been injured, and 90% of the population has been displaced with no place left to flee.

The Tragedy of a Family’s Exodus:
My life was forever altered on October 7, when my daily routine in Gaza City was disrupted by Israel’s devastating military assault. I had planned a morning workout at the gym followed by a business meeting but was forced to leave my home and embark on an uncertain journey with my family, leaving behind our cherished belongings and memories.

The Haunting Memories of Displacement:
As we traveled towards Al-Maghazi refugee camp, I couldn’t help but recall the stories my grandfather had shared about his own exodus from Aqir in 1948. Tragically, our journey ended in tragedy when Israeli airstrikes killed nine members of my family, most of whom were young children. As we were forced to flee once more to Rafah, I couldn’t help but feel that the international community had abandoned us.

The World Turns a Blind Eye:
Despite rulings by the International Court of Justice and a US Federal Court that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza may amount to genocide, those affected by this ongoing crisis have been left to suffer without intervention. President Biden has provided unwavering support for Israel’s assault, making the US complicit in potential war crimes as human rights are trampled upon.

The Desperate Plea for a Ceasefire:
As we face the possibility of a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah, the urgency to act and prevent further catastrophe cannot be overstated. The international community must intervene now to ensure a ceasefire and allow desperately needed humanitarian aid to reach those in need. If not, the situation may spiral into total disaster for the people of Gaza.

As I write this account from Rafah, my heart aches with the knowledge that so many have suffered and continue to suffer in silence. The international community has failed us time and time again, leaving us to wonder where hope can be found in the face of such devastation. It is my fervent hope that this account serves as a call to action, a reminder of the human cost of conflict and the urgency for intervention before it’s too late.